• Protect your skin

  • Avoid sunburns and sunaged skin
  • Accurate UV-index worldwide
  • Easily identify your skintype
  • See if your Sunlotion is adequate
  • Calculate your Sun Protection Factor
  • Altitude aware
  • Albedo modifiers
  • Satellite maps


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Sunblock, a UV-index for your íphone

Sunblock helps you take the guesswork out of protecting yourself from the dangerous UV radiation that grows every year.

No longer do you need to guess if you have the right amount of SPF in your sunlotion for the activities your are planning. Simply open Sunblock, read the current clearsky UV-index - adjusted for your environment - and you will immediately see if your chosen SPF is enough for the day.

Sunblock automatically determines your position and altitude via the Global Positioning System, it then downloads satellite data for your specific location and tells you what the current UV index is.

However: UV rays are reflected from many surfaces and it will be enhanced by the terrain or environment in which you find yourself, even the protection from our atmosphere degrades the higher you get.
- Therefore Sunblock will automatically adjust for your current altitude
- It will offer you the option to enable Environment modifiers (such as Snow / Beach / Ocean)
- and this enables Sunblock to give you more precise numbers.

It is important to note that re-application of the same sun screen does not increase the SPF value, or the safe sun exposure time. Reapplying SPF15 throughout the day will not extend the safe sun exposure time beyond 15 times the applicable UV Index for a particular Skin Type.

The letters SPF stand for Sun Protection Factor

In conjunction with Skin Type information and the relevant UV index for that day it indicates the amount of time of safe sun exposure (without the protection of a sun screen) before the skin becomes overexposed to harmful UV radiation and starts to burn.

For example, when the UV index for a particular day reports that a particular skin type can remain exposed to the sun without sun screen for 10 minutes, it means that during the 11th minute the skin will begin to burn. However, if an SPF15 sun screen has been applied before sun exposure, the skin will be protected for 15 times longer from UV radiation - in this case the skin will be protected for 150 minutes (10min x SPF15 = 150min), before it begins to burn on the 151st minute.

Therefore an SPF15 sun screen extends the period for which the skin is safe sun exposure from 10 minutes to 150 minutes.

By using Sunblock you will be able to accurately judge what SPF you need for the days ahead of you.

The best sunscreen is a perfume free, topical protection agent that if free of Parabens and Phthalate such as:

Mineral Sunscreen, Fragrance Free

Sunscreen, SPF15, Aloe Vera

Solar Sense Clear Zinc SPF 45

Sunbrellas Chemical Free Sunblock Spf 30+

Neutrogena Active Breathable Sunblock SPF 45

UV exposure varies mainly with the height of the Sun in the sky. This is highest during the summer months, particularly during the 4-hour period around noon at which time the Sun's rays travel the shortest distance to Earth. A good rule of thumb is that if the length of your shadow is shorter than your height, then sunscreen is required. Protection at midday is essential, and strong sunscreen with a high healthy SPF throughout the day is always a good idea for maintaining healthy skin.

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